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Denis Villeneuve, become 'Arrival' one of the most interesting and risky Hollywood filmmakers, premieres next week his new book, "Arrival" a bold proposal science fiction with philosophical dilemmas that comes as appetizer awaited sequel to "Blade Runner" .


"I knew I wanted to turn to science fiction," said Canadian filmmaker in an interview with the blog Deadline, adding, "but I never imagined I would end up doing the second part of a classic".

"I still I have to pinch myself in the morning. I have never felt so inspired. The whole team is inspired. Arrival Accepting this challenge is partly crazy. It seems to flirt with disaster every morning. But at the same time, I have wonderful actors . Ryan Gosling has really impressed me, "said the director, currently in the filming of the movie in Budapest.

Earlier this month, Warner Bros. studio announced that the sequel to "Blade Runner" is titled "Blade Runner 2049" and hit theaters in October 2017.

Ryan Gosling addition, the cast includes Harrison Ford, Jared Leto, Robin Wright and Cuban Arrival  Ana de Armas. Mackenzie Davis, Dave Bautista, Lennie James and Barkhad Abdi also appear, among others.

But first it is turn of "Arrival", a proposal that will hit American theaters on 11 and Amy Adams might hold his sixth Oscar nomination.

In the film, the actress plays Louise Banks, a linguistic expert who is Watch Arrival Full Movie Online claimed by the US Government to try to communicate with aliens who have reached 12 different points on Earth, with unknown intentions.

Fearing that is about to explode a war of global proportions, Banks must find answers to trial, and to achieve a decision that threatens his life and perhaps that of all humanity.

"I've been wanting to do science fiction since I was 10 years," Villeneuve explained in a production notes provided by Paramount Pictures studio.

The author of the Oscar-nominated "Incendies" and films like "Prisoners", "Enemy" and "Sicario" found it "brilliant" the story "Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang, in which the film is based , and he was particularly attracted the concept that someone could be in contact with death.

"What if you knew how you die and when you die? How would it affect your relationships in life, love, family or friends? By becoming more closely linked to life and its subtleties, I think it would be more humble" said the filmmaker.

"Humility," he continued, "it is a quality that humanity needs right now at a time of both narcissism. We are dangerously disconnected from nature."

The film, a cross between "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "Interstellar" proposes a realistic encounter between aliens and humans trying by all means to make himself understood, a process that is reflected in the film with all the frustration and impotence that such a situation would entail.

"We know this civilization, these beings from outer space, through the eyes of Amy Adams," said Villeneuve, emphasizing the importance of having an actress of that caliber to carry the weight of history.

"I needed an actress strong enough to make us believe everything that happens. Someone with that vulnerability, sensitivity and intelligence. Her character is full of layers that the film should express. Without their work would not have been possible," he said.


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